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Discord targets the gaming and esports audience through influencer marketing. With its voice, video, and text chat features, Discord has become a popular platform for gamers to connect with one another. Discord's influencer marketing strategy is aimed at identifying, collaborating and building relationships with influencers who are present within the gaming and esports communities. These influencers are essential in building brand awareness, increasing user engagement and eventual conversions.

Discord also needs to focus on specific influencer campaigns to promote their brand. Influencer campaigns for Discord are best when they focus on gaming trends, new game releases, community building, and competition. Discord can also integrate unique features, such as chatbots and servers, to provide a user-friendly experience for influencers and their audiences. Discord's powerful communication features provide real-time engagement with influencers during the campaign. During the campaign, Discord must ensure that the influencers have access to excellent support throughout the process.

Key Demographics of Discord's Influencer Audience

Firstly, the ideal age range for a Discord user is usually between 18-34 years old. These age groups are more likely to be interested in gaming and are therefore more likely to use Discord.

Lastly, when it comes to location, Discord has a global audience, so location depends on the brand's target demographic. For instance, if the brand targets US-based customers, choosing US-based influencers could work to their advantage.

Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples

1. Discord Influencer Marketing Strategy:

The tech company, Discord, easily creates an organic influencer campaign that focuses on their Discord Partner program. As a part of the program, Discord supports partnered influencers with marketing materials, invites to events, and connecting influencers with sponsorships. They promote the partnership program with their wider audience through their Twitter by retweeting and highlighting existing partners.

In May 2021, Chipotle launched a viral Discord-based campaign to help increase awareness of their free burrito giveaway for vaccinated Americans. They collaborated with prominent Discord streamers to create exclusive rewards and make the campaign reach a broader audience. The campaign included various activities such as memes, private chats with streamers, and exclusive Discord server channels. The concerted effort of Chipotle and collaborating Discord streamers generated engaging conversation on the platform, drawing attention to the promotion. The campaign's success was evident in the sales of over 5 million burritos, inspired interest from other big brands to leverage Discord for influencer marketing campaigns.

Types of Influencer Collaborations for Allbirds

Discord influencer partnerships are an effective way to reach a relevant audience through influencer marketing. The brand partners with influencers who have a substantial following on their social media platforms to promote the brand. These influencers create sponsored content for their followers, highlighting the features and benefits of the Discord app. By partnering with influencers, Discord can increase brand awareness and drive downloads of the app.

Discord also engages in Discord influencer projects, which involve working with influencers to create content for social media. These projects often involve the creation of videos, photos, or other social media posts that showcase the features of the app. These types of collaborations can help to generate a buzz around the brand and attract new users.

Overview of Discord's Ambassador Program

The structure of the Discord ambassador program is distinct, as there are three types of ambassadors: Discord Partners, Discord Verified Servers, and Discord HypeSquad. Discord Partners are often streamers who have an established relationship with Discord. They are recognized for their contributions, and in return, they gain various benefits, such as exclusive marketing tools, giveaways, and feature spotlights. Discord Verified Servers, on the other hand, are groups that have been reviewed by Discord themselves and are given access to special perks, such as custom emojis, server banners, and VIP voice servers. Lastly, the Discord HypeSquad is a program designed for people aiming to promote Discord in their local communities. It is composed of various people who conduct events and online gatherings tailored to their specific region, and in return, they are given access to exclusive merchandise, listings to Discord's official websites, and custom roles within Discord.

Overall, Discord's ambassador program is designed to foster a community of dedicated fans that can promote Discord to their followers. Whether as a Discord Partner, Verified Server, or Hypesquad member, influencers can gain access to various perks, tools, and opportunities that can help them grow their reach and ultimately benefit their followers. By leveraging these opportunities, influencers can become valuable partners to Discord while promoting the brand in a meaningful way.

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Discord's Ambassador Program Growth Over Time

1. Discord Ambassadors Responsibilities:

2. Discord ambassador impact:

The ambassador program has grown in size and influence, and this has helped Discord reach audiences that it would otherwise have struggled to connect with. The ambassadors have helped the company navigate challenges and respond quickly to customer needs and feedback, in turn, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Discord's growth strategy is founded on the principle that providing an engaging and safe community that offers superior features is integral to continued growth. As an essential part of this strategy, discord collaborates with and empowers influencers who drive engagement and add value through the ambassador program.

In conclusion, the Discord ambassador program has been integral to the software's success. Combining community-focused values with features that people need, Discord has proven they can scale over time by leveraging influencer marketing while growing and replicating its growth by fostering stronger and more vibrant communities through the Ambassador program.

In order to become an ambassador or affiliate for Discord, influencers may follow several steps. Firstly, for those interested in becoming a Discord Ambassador, they can seek support from the Discord team by filling out a simple form on their website. The Discord team carefully reviews each application and seeks to understand how the influencer can contribute to the Discord community. Additionally, there are certain benefits that a Discord ambassador can have, such as early access to features, a special badge on their profile, and invitations to exclusive events.

It's worth noting that an influencer might want to seek support for either of these options as Discord does not heavily promote these opportunities. Regardless of whether a person chooses to apply to be an ambassador or an affiliate, both of these programs require influencers to have a decent following on their social media pages or blogs. As such, having followers on these platforms can help tremendously in the review and consideration process.

How to Become an Ambassador for Discord

1. To apply for the Discord ambassador program, influencers must complete an online application form on the official Discord website. The application process is straightforward. Simply answer some questions about your interests, hobbies, and passions, describe your experience on the Discord platform and detail your experience as an influencer.

3. To become a Discord ambassador, there are specific criteria you need to meet. Applicants must have a minimum of 10k followers or stream 1,000 hours of content in the last 30 days. Applicants must also have at least five Discord server invites in the past 30 days. Other requirements include being active on the platform and creating high-quality content that resonates with the audience. Additionally, applicants must adhere to community guidelines and rules to ensure they maintain their ambassador status.

Discord, as one of the biggest names in the gaming community, has prioritized their influencer relationships by establishing and maintaining a strong network of influencers. Discord understands the power of influencer marketing and the importance of keeping the lines of communication open with their influencers.

Another way that Discord maintains strong influencer relationships is by fostering open communication. They frequently encourage their influencers to share their feedback and ideas about the platform so that they can improve their products and services. Influencers are kept in the loop about upcoming product releases so that they can prepare their own content accordingly and provide feedback for the platform. By doing so, Discord helps influencers feel heard, valued, and appreciated.

Overall, Discord's approach to influencer marketing and maintaining their influencer network is focused on building strong, long-term relationships with their influencers by putting their needs first and consistently communicating with them. By doing so, they have created a loyal base of influencers who actively promote and advocate for the platform on a regular basis.